Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Christy Canyon is not a racist

I thought about this post about 24 hours prior to writing it due to the racially sensitive and legal elements.  Legally, issues attached to this situation have already been settled, though the three parties I will be discussing in this post are still active within the Los Angeles porn industry (two of which however, should not be due to their consistently despicable actions).
Over the past couple of days, porn legend and Los Angeles porn industry staple Christy Canyon of Playboy Radio has been a “hot topic” in the adult industry blogosphere – primarily due to some rather colorful commentary by Rob Black of 
In regards to Rob Black’s opinion’s of Christy Canyon – I could care less and have no opinion because I was still a child during the era of porn that Black has been referring too. While doing some quick research on Christy Canyon’s history yesterday for a friend however – I came across some very disturbing accusations which relate to some fairly recent events involving both porn industry attorney Michael Fattorosi and pornstar Vanessa Blue aka Tanya Faulkner.
In 2008 Tanya Faulkner aka Vanessa Blue (along with a woman who used to be a producer for Playboy Radio by the name of Terri Hughs) filed a lawsuit against Playboy (of course with the help of Michael Fattorosi) claiming racism. Now I’m not saying that there were not racist individuals that Vanessa Blue and/or Terri Hughs dealt with at Playboy (considering the level of racism I personally experienced within the Los Angeles porn industry, I feel that it’s very likely). However, I DO NOT BELIEVE THE CLAIMS MADE AGAINST CHRISTY CANYON.
Christy Canyon may be MANY things, but SHE IS NOT A RACIST. In late 2009 I was a guest on Christy’s show, and not only was she considerate, respectful and kind – she also gave me some very good advice. Considering that I’m AS BLACK AS I AM, I doubt she would have treated me as she did if she was a racist.
Why did Vanessa Blue spread rumors of Lexington Steel being bi-sexual? did Michael Fattorosi coerce her to do it to gain ground in the Los Angeles porn circuit? I think so.
Why did Vanessa Blue spread rumors of Lexington Steel being bi-sexual? did Michael Fattorosi coerce her to do it to gain ground in the Los Angeles porn circuit? I think so.
Vanessa Blue however, IS A RACIST (primarily against HER OWN “RACE”) and is one of the most negative, disgusting, manipulative, deceitful, insecure, vengeful, mean spirited & self serving individuals I’ve had the misfortune of encountering.
BOTH Vanessa Blue and Michael Fattorosi were involved withPornwikileaks (Fattorosi has taken efforts to protect Vanessa and claim that she was not involved – but considering her affiliation with my stalker Sean Tompkins – I believe that she HAS BEEN INVOLVED from the start). I and my family have been targets of Pornwikileaks, and I believe much of the reason has been in part do to Vanessa Blue’s fixation on me (due to my having been able to see through her “act” after initially meeting her). It seems, Vanessa Blue has consistently PROJECTED via anonymous online aliases her personal insecurities in regards to her ethnicity and history upon me (and my family) due to hurt from her own past, and I think it’s about time she seeks psychological help.
A bit of history: When I was an active porn talent, I was booked to shoot a few solo scenes with Vanessa Blue. Upon meeting her for some reason she immediately began telling me how I should only date white men and that all black men “do you wrong”. Then for some reason she kept asking me if I escort. The icing on the cake of my strange “booking” with her, was her boyfriend (maybe husband?) Michael Fattorosi acting as the “over seer” of the shoot.  Frankly I felt that he had a very unprofessional and leery demeanor. There was no reason for him to be on the set (or should I say in the apartment) while I was working with Vanessa.  I wasn’t sure whether I was doing a professional solo shoot for Vanessa Blue productions or a private “exhibition” for Michael Fattorosi.
Terri Hughs and Christy Canyon - typically racists don't hug who they hate.
Terri Hughs and Christy Canyon – typically racists don’t hug who they hate.
Michael Fattorosi I’ve found through observation to be what I’d label as a classic sociopath and opportunist who has systematically targeted African-Americans (utilizing Vanessa Blue) for financial gain by manipulation of the legal system and by playing the “race” and “victim” card. He did it to Lexington Steele (and I believe he coerced Vanessa Blue into spreading rumors publicly of him being allegedly bi-sexual), and he definitely played the “race card” to essentially extort funds from Playboy (while ruining Vanessa Blue’s career and reputation in the process).
How long will the Los Angeles porn community let Michael Fattorosi & Vanessa Blue continue their shenanigans? At this stage Fattorosi at least has been PROVEN to have assisted with Pornwikileaks, have utilized legal maneuvers to virtually EXTORT adult industry entities and both Fattorosi and Blue are at the ROOT of unjustifiable slanderous rumors against porn industry professionals.
From my perspective enough is enough. I stand by EVERY WORD of this post and invite you to learn the TRUTH of Tanya Faulkner aka Vanessa Blue’s history in the video blog I made below in 2011 when I first realized that she was involved in targeting me (and my family) online, is mentally unstable and has allowed her self to be a door mat for Michael Fattorosi.
Playboy never should have given Vanessa Blue or Michael Fattorosi a DIME. I want to know how in the hell Vanessa even managed to get hired by Playboy, because there is NOTHING about her that reflects the ideals of what Playboy is about! I don’t think Playboy had an issue with Vanessa being BLACK, I think the issue was simply due to they TYPE OF PERSON SHE IS. Playboy has been African-American friendly for YEARS (hence the Sammy Davis Jr. era). As an African-American woman, what I find many of my ethnicity forget it that the terms “Black” and “African-American” don’t equate to “ghetto”.

Vanessa Blue and Michael Fattorosi aka Pornlaw of the Los Angeles adult entertainment pornographic (porn) industry

(It appears that Roxy Reynolds has been banned from entering Britain - apparently she was traveling to the UK to do a "tour" of which was advertised on her escort agency's site and her twitter (that site appears to be which seems to be operated by Vanessa Blue) and she was stopped by the UK border agency. Upon investigation it appears that Roxy's agent may be Vanessa Blue - way to go Vanessa - first your boyfriend Michael Fattorosi assists with Pornwikileaks and get's AIM shut down and now this..)

courtesy of

from - A "BOOTYLICIOUS" porn star has been banned from entering Britain, it was revealed yesterday.

Roxy Reynolds — famed for her big bottom and voted one of 2010's top adult film performers — was set to earn a fortune over the festive season, working as a high-class escort to Premier League footballers, actors and senior figures in central London.

But the model and rapper was stopped by UK Border Agency officers when she landed at Heathrow from Philadelphia.

The 27-year-old was using a visitors' visa that didn't entitle her to work. But border staff had found her "London Tour" advertised on escort agency websites and Twitter.

One blurb read: "This US XXX star is one of the most prolific and popular ebony ladies in the industry. You will LOVE your time with her."

Another said of £550-an-hour Roxy: "She really knows how to move... and her naughty attitude will leave you drained."

A UKBA spokesman said: "A US national was refused entry on December 18 and returned to the USA the next day."

A source added: "A lot of Roxy clients will feel let down this Christmas."